Reflections 7th June 2020

A Reflection for Trinity Sunday

JN 3: 16-18 (                                                 

I never thought that the writer Brendan Behan was a theologian. However, when he was in Dublin’s Mater Hospital in the 1950s, he had a telling conversation with a female staff member. ¨You`re married, I see” he told the woman. When she said that she wasn’t, he commented that she was wearing a wedding ring. “I am married alright, but to God” said the woman who was a religious sister. “Well, you married into a good family”, replied Behan.

His insight was profound because isn’t that what being a Christian means? “God is in us; and we in God.” said the mystic Julian of Norwich, 600 years earlier.  Julian`s phrase is a good summary of the Gospel: We belong to God.

Our image of God has a big influence on our life. For many, God is the “Man Above”, a distant, judging spectator. But God is Trinity. A mystery best left to the professional theologian and not for us ordinary souls. However, let us just dip into the meaning of The Trinity. Perichoresiswas the first word used by the Church for The Trinity. It means flow or circle dance. A strange word to describe God. The Trinity is a flow of love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our baptism celebrated our entering into this Divine Flow of Love, symbolised by the pouring of the water. ¨The water must flow” said our professor of theology. We belong, we are in the flow. We are always in the Divine flow or Divine presence but we are not always aware of it. We can never be separated from God, only in our heads. Ïn God we live and move and have our being ¨ (Acts 17:28). Good news indeed. 

We can thank quantum physics, the science of energy, for making the doctrine of the Trinity relevant today. Quantum physics says that everything is relational, interconnected and interdependent. (Surely the COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of that?) “Everything is in relationship¨ says Einstein. The Trinity is a community of relationships, and we are in that relationship, flow of love; we and all of Creation.

  • “God saw all that He made and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)
  • “Each creature is a fingerprint of God.” (St. Bonaventure).
  • “Speak to me of God¨ St. Francis asked the cherry tree, and the cherry tree blossomed. 

Reflecting on the three above quotes helps us become more aware of the availability of God.  The God within us is the God who permeates every living being and thing that exists.

Lord, You are present in the whole universe,

In every creature, in every atom, and even in me.

Lord open my eyes to see your presence 

Help me to accept that I am accepted as I am, warts and all

And to believe that I belong to You and am in your Divine Flow of love.   Amen

Go with the flow! 

Tony Sheridan C.S.Sp. – Ordained in 1972, Fr. Tony served in Ethiopia and Ireland, moving to Brazil in 1981. He now spends part of the year in Ardbraccan doing workshops in Capacitar, Movement & Healing, Creative Dance & Tai Chi in the Spiritan Retreat and Spirituality Centre