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Libermann Day 2013: Irish Province Celebrates Anniversary of Founder

Libermann DayLIBERMANN:
“…. I feel strongly that we should have come together in a calm atmosphere, in the silence of the soul, in the humility and in the gentleness and charity of Jesus Christ to talk about all that touches on our concerns for the solid establishing of this work of God.

We should agree on the fundamental principles and draw the necessary practical conclusions and apply them to the way that things should be in our Society. We need to form its spirit, to regulate its administration and to consolidate its existence. What a lot to do! So much reflection and ideas we need to have communicated to us!…

It seems to me, it has always seemed to me that in God’s plan we do these things together and that we allow ourselves be guided by the one spirit of God, the spirit of prudence and wisdom.

For this to happen our union should be perfect and that united in this way and being of one mind and one heart – animated and guided by the Spirit of light and charity – we, in our turn can guide the work towards the objective that God has proposed by uniting us to him and that we give this objective the form that his divine will imposes on us.”

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