Reflections 26th July 2020

A Reflection for the Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

MT 13: 44-52 (  

I never get excited about who has won the Lotto though it is one kind of treasure.  There’s great variety in hearing what different people consider important in life – we know the saying from Scripture “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 

In today’s reading King Solomon makes a choice of what is more important than silver or gold: the wisdom from God that helps to make good choices.

There are times too when we don’t notice what is important until it’s gone; our freedom, just to take one example. The corona virus pandemic has more clearly revealed many treasures that we quickly missed. We heard of many people who were sad because they missed a friendly hand, meeting their children or grandchildren, supporting someone is sickness or bereavement, being with community for Sunday Mass etc.

That our God is with us on the journey with all his love and support is the greatest treasure of all and no matter what happens – even death itself  – our God will take us through to enjoy ‘the treasure of heaven’.

We have noticed too that we can get by with less; as Wordsworth said, ‘Getting and spending we lay waste our powers’.

We can each add our own words to our list of treasures: faith, family, health, relationships and much more. St. Francis of Assisi proclaimed that his treasure was the poor. Recently we heard Pope Francis say that “selfishness is the worst virus.” So, let us for a moment consider the treasures that we do not want to lose:

  • Greater awareness of our neighbour and of our fragility, leading us to see that we need each other, and a new desire to be closer to God in prayer.
  • Discovering how essential is the contribution of the many workers we seldom noticed in the past: health-care workers, food-suppliers, cleaners, farmers et al.
  • A new awareness of the presence of God in nature. 

We can have a simple and more generous lifestyle and don’t need much. Finally, how can we help so that the treasure which we have discovered will stay with us and help us to build a fairer world?

Vincent McDevitt C.S.Sp.– Ordained in 1968, Fr. Vincent’s first appointment was to Brazil. Returning to Ireland, and now a member of the Kimmage Manor community, he served in pastoral roles including for several years in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Caltra, Co. Galway.